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Are You Justin Bieber's Dream Girl??

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Are You Justin Bieber's Dream Girl??

Do you think you are justin bieber's dream girl? are you two like soul mates?

Justin bieber: Likes:
-He likes a girl with a good sense of humor
-He likes it when a girl has a good personality
-He likes brunettes and blondes
-beautiful smile
-pretty eyes
-someone he can be best friends with
-can dance
-can be himself around her
_she can be herself around him
-doesnt have to dress up to see him
-nice, caring, loving
-someone who is smart, genuine and patient
-Knows when to be funny and serious
-isnt needy and never really complains
(More are comming)

Justin Bieber: Dislikes:
-A girl that wears too much make-up
-wears dark eyeliner around there eyes
-has peircings on face or tounge
-is needy
-a bully
-takes everything seriously
-doesnt know how to have a good time
-doesnt have a personality
-shows clevlege, thongs, or there belly
-does alchohol or drugs
- No respect for anyone.
-Has a potty mouth
-doesnt care about anyone but herself
-isnt classy
(More comming)

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