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It says there is an existing account associated with my email address.

Please click 'I forgot my password' on the login page to request a new password for your account.

If you are not the account owner and are attempting to sign up for an account, then please be aware that you can only sign up for one Koini account per email address.

What do I need to do to sign up for this site?
What is the minimum password strength? How can I make my password strong?
Upgrading your Browser
I forgot/want to change my password.
I can't receive the email to reset my password because I no longer have access to the email address associated with my account.
A large number of my friends have disappeared.
I sent somebody a friend request but they did not receive it.
How do I remove or delete a friend?
How many people can I message at once?
Who can message me?
What happens when I message someone?
Including a link, video, or photo in my message
What is the Report Abuse button?
How can I protect my privacy?
How do I restrict specific content from specific people?
How do I restrict comments?
Is there any content that I shouldn't post to my profile?
How do I hide my Friends List?
How do I change my language settings?
I have two accounts. Is it possible to merge them?
My account has been affected by the 419 Scam
Messages or posts were sent from my account, and I didn't send them.
My account has been hacked by another user.
What is Phishing?
What can I do to protect the security of my account?
What does Koini do to protect the security of my information?
I want to permanently delete my account.
How do I change my background?
Can I upload my own theme?
How do I install gadgets?
How do I customize my gadgets?
How do I remove gadgets?
How do I add a picture?
How do I add more than one picture at a time?
Can I delete my message on the group wall?
How do I start a new group?
How do I add an Image for my Group?
How do I add a Scrapbook entry?
How do edit/delete a Scrapbook entry?
Find Friends
Find Your Way Around
How do I enter a Video Competition?
Getting Credits
I am being asked for an email address of the someone I want to friend?
How do I get Instant Messaging?