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A large number of my friends have disappeared.

The security of your account may have been compromised. Please select a unique and complex password that is different from other passwords that you use on the Internet, and keep this information completely to yourself. You can reset your password by using the "Change Password" field on the Account page. Please also keep your security questions answers secret.


You should also make sure that all email addresses associated with your account are secure. Remember that anyone who can read your email may be able to also access your  Koini account. Additionally, please make sure that you log out of your Koini account after each use and "quit" your browser when you’re done using the site. Never check the "Remember Me" box when logging in from a public computer or someone else’s mobile device, as this will keep you logged in even after you close your browser window.


Finally, please make sure that when you access the site, you always log in from a legitimate Koini page with "" in the domain part of the URL (web address). For more information about protecting your account.

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