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How do I add a picture?

Click on 'My Profile' on the menu bar and click 'My Pictures'. This will take you to your gallery. On the right hand side there is a link that says 'Upload Photos'. Click that link and a box will open that allows you to add a new gallery or open an existing gallery. Either create a new album or open an existing gallery and you will be taken to this box:




Click on 'Choose File' and this will open up a window showing files from your computer. Navigate to the picture you want to upload and click on the file name. Once the file name appears in the box, decide whether you want the image to be private (if you want it public do not check the box) or maybe you would like to use it for a profile picture (check the box that applies).


Press ‘Upload Photos’. It may take a little while to upload, but you can then check in your ‘My Pictures’ gallery.