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Find Friends

Make Koini interesting - find friends

Koini is driven by the idea of finding, connecting and sharing with your friends, whether they be people in your life that you see everyday or new friends all over the globe. Once you've connected your homepage will explode into life with photos, status updates, videos and conversations between your friends. We've created easy ways to find friends. Without friends, this place will feel a little bit empty.


Invite Friends

Does anyone seriously want to write to their friends one by one to invite them to the site? No! We're not in 1999 any more! Step forward the friend finder, once you enter your email address and password. We will then run a check through your contact list seeing which of your friends are already on the site. You can then select the people you would like to send friend requests. Boom, done!


We believe that Koini works at it's finest when all of your friends are actively using the site, so we will give you the option to invite whomever you want (and to leave out those you don't!)


To get to Friend Finder, roll over "Friends" in the top menu and select "Find Friends."  or go to Friend Finder here


New Friends

On Koini, there are people from all over the world, some will probably be just like you and like the things you do. So you can go to the groups section (click 'features' then 'groups' on the top or side menu) and put in your favourite topic on the search section, et voila! There should be a group - if not start one!