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Including a link, video, or photo in my message

To post a video, simply post the YouTube url into the post box and add your comments, Koini will retrieve the video and post it along with your comments. If you would like to post an image into your timeline click on the message box and it will give you a choice to click 'Photo' or 'Link'. If you click photo you will be given further prompts to post. If you would like to attach a news article or web site click on 'Link' and you will be given another box.


When you have inputted your link (in the above is then click 'Attach'. Koini will retrieve the information on that page and give a small summarty of the link and it will also give you some images to chose from. 

Then simply add your comments into the bottom box and click 'Post' (you have a 600 character limit on the comments you can make). This will then post your link with an image and your comments.

Note: Not all site's information can be retreived, if this is the case with one of your links you will see the error message 'We could not parse the website information'.





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