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Set up your profile

Who are you? Let people know with your profile and get 100 Credits!

Now that you’ve created your account, it’s time to set up your Profile. Your Profile allows you to share your life, your interests, hobbies and anything else you want to include with people you connect to on Koini. 


Getting started

To edit your Profile at any time, click on the “Edit &  Settings” link in the My Profile menu, then click on "Profile" in the right hand menu. Your profile represents who you are, fill out the information about your interests, activities and favourite things to do, the more you fill out, the more interesting it will be to someone who looks at your profile. Make sure you pay attention to the section below as it is what will pop up on your dynamic profile.



A picture is worth a thousand words

Everybody needs a profile picture, it makes it easier for your friends to recognise you, especially if you have a name that's pretty common (e.g. John Smith). Don't forget as well, everything you do on Koini is a representation of you and who you are, so be creative. The most important thing to remember about photos is that nothing is permanent, pick what you feel represents you best today. If you feel different tomorrow, just pick a different one. It's quick and easy to switch out your profile picture.


Control your safety

Koini helps you share information with your friends and the people involved in your life, but we understand you may not want everyone to see certain things or comment on certain things. We've created privacy settings intended to help you control your information and your profile so you can choose who can see what. You can simply change the settings in your profile Privacy section to activate or deactivate the ability to view certain parts of your profile information or to allow/disallow comments on your profile, photos and scrapbook posts. You may also want to be hidden from the browse section of the site so only that the only way your friends can find you is via the search fields. Please visit the 'Edit' section of your profile and click on the 'Privacy Settings' to change how you interact on the site.